The catch here is, “never trust, always verify.” Agree? Or not? Let’s take a look… 

The latest hum in the world of Digital transformation is ‘Zero Trust.’ As more and more organizations move towards a remote work environment in this new world, a clean balance between an organization’s security and user productivity has to be ensured. 

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) is the prime. 

UEM is a class of software tools that provide a single management interface for devices. In a single approach, it manages all endpoints like tablets, smartphones, laptops, the Internet of Things (IoT) and more. 

IBM Security is announcing the release of User Risk Management, a new capability within IBM Security MaaS360, which builds and maintains comprehensive, AI-driven risk profiles of enrolled users. 

Cyberattacks and threats to users usually begin at the endpoint, and IBM’s new feature is a risk modelling and enforcement tool that continuously surveys the relative risk of all employees and devices within an organization. 

Users are continuously evaluated for risks, and only those identified as a potential threat are given security hurdles to enter, and that’s Zero Trust. 

This Zero risk Trust Model:

  • Builds and maintains accurate, current risk profiles
  • Chart user and device health to maintain good digital hygiene
  • Enforce compliance actions against high-risk users

Save your company time and money, improve the user experience and don’t let security take a back seat. If you are excited to learn more about User Risk Management and do the magic trick within your organization, Join IBM Security on August 6th at 1 PM ET for a live webinar. 

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