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Is SD-WAN a technology that will change networking? Unarguably, Yes!

Think of SD-WAN as a network that consists of routers, switches, multiplexers/demultiplexers, booster, and other equipment managed by an independent purpose-built firmware. SD-WAN is a customized solution depending on the different needs of a specific business and requires a lot of work, money, and time. The system comprises purpose-built software rather than hardware that manages all connections and routes. If you see any digital transformation playing its cards well, SD-WAN definitely has a key role to play. But how exactly does it help?

Benefits of SD-WAN

  • SD-WAN provides higher bandwidth capacity, centralized management, and a transparent network along with the option to use multiple connection types.
  • Improves business agility and responsiveness by using direct internet connectivity, providing simpler and consistent performance to cloud-based applications.
  • Enables robust edge-to-edge security by using IPsec, which protects mission-critical data in transit.
  • Provides extensibility to 3rd Party Solutions using services chaining, without needing to rip the existing hardware/network.
  • Assure business intent using advanced application control, as well as, tracking the network performance parameters such as throughput, loss, and latency. 
  • With SD-WAN, Organizations can adjust WAN associations being utilized relying upon traffic volume change.

2020 is a transformative year in enterprise networking. The ways a business communicates and employees connect have been impacted by several emerging technologies. And these new technologies and capabilities will make networks an important asset that businesses will start leveraging extensively and in newer ways that we have not yet drawn the picture of. 

Have you started exploring the SD-WAN sphere? Blockchain, Edge Computing, Conversational AI, Artificial Intelligence of things (AIoT) are expected to shade the market next year. What are the technologies you think will dominate in 2021? Leave your comments below, we’d love to know! 


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