Comparably, a renowned company that analyzes workplace environments and company cultures released their 2020 best workplace culture awards, highlighting the top companies with the most inclusive and socially forward work environments.

The awards were split into large companies category with more than 500 employees and minimum participation of 75 employees and smaller companies category with less than 500 employees and minimum participation of 25 employees.  Employees responded anonymously to a combination of questions around compensation, leadership, teams, and work environment as well as core culture metrics like outlook, professional development, work-life balance, and perks & benefits.  The responses to these questions were used as the key parameters for measuring the sentiment range and to rank the organizations. 

Twelve out of the top 20 large companies that met all parameters and were identified by Comparably for 2020 were from the technology sector. The top 20 companies were:

And for the top 20 small-medium sized businesses, almost 80% of the companies were in the tech-sector:

Interestingly, two Toronto tech companies secured a spot within the top 20 of the small-medium businesses, which is a very prestigious feat. Alida, a company that helps manage customer-business relations and decisions, and Vena, an “FP&A ecosystem powered by certified planners were ranked 5th and 14th respectively on the list.

Alida aids companies manage important decisions by helping unite customer and business decision-making. They assist in building company-customer relations, the reduction of long sale cycles and help companies find new opportunities in the market.

Vena on the other hand is a financial technology company with an emphasis on workplace teamwork, making finance fun and utilizing the power of data to analyze businesses. They help make proper decision making, plan finances and utilizing the aforementioned focuses, help spur business growth.


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