TMC, a world-renowned integrated media company has named Ramp eCDN as the 2020 Unified Communications TMC Labs Innovation Award winner. Ramp is well known for its enterprise video delivery solutions. 

Using Ramp’s services, companies can reduce the bandwidth required to stream event and video on demand (VOD) live. Ramp eCDN consists of three main services – Ramp Multicast+, Ramp OmniCache and Ramp P2P. More detail on these elements:

1. Ramp Multicast+: This service helps distribute a single stream of video across your network to effectively reach every viewer versus multiple unicast streams, being one of the most efficient ways to stream live videos.

2. Ramp OmniCache: This service stores video content closer to viewers and ensures live and on-demand video has a smaller bandwidth, saving network bandwidth for other business applications

3. Ramp P2P: P2P works on a peer network of client devices watching the content redistribute the video streams from one device to another. This service is also best suited to locations with minimal infrastructure.

Anthony D’Amore, Co-CEO of Ramp said, “So many people have realized the importance of video in employee communications and training, but it can have a huge impact on network performance. Ramp is solely focused on solving network congestion created by enterprise streaming video, and we are honored Ramp eCDN was named a 2020 Unified Communications TMC Labs Innovation Award winner.”

The distinguished engineers at TMC Labs select the winner of The TMC Labs Innovation Award by honoring values like demonstrated innovation, unique features, and noteworthy developments toward improving communications technology.

“Ramp has displayed its commitment to quality and innovation in the development of the unified communications industry, I look forward to more innovation from Ramp and their continued effort toward improving the future of the UC industry.” said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC.

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