Canada based, leading North American UC solutions provider, Stack8 announced on Dec 22, 2020, their partnership with RingCentral; the 1st ranked cloud communications provider worldwide.

With recent events, companies and organizations are even more pressed to acquire cloud-based communications for improved efficiency, collaboration & productivity in a predominantly remote work environment.  Stack8 and RingCentral’s agreement provides Stack8 with the ability to provide RingCentral’s entire Unified Communications platform to their sizeable business client base. Stack8 will now be able to add Unified Communications as a Service (UcaaS) to its business offerings, complete with international cloud phone systems, video meetings and cloud-based team messaging solutions.

CEO of Stack8, Steven Karachinsky, said,

This is yet another monumental step for us and our market.” Continuing with, “As a full-service solutions company, Stack8 is fully dedicated to making it easy for customers to use technology in their businesses, so they can deliver on their promises to their customers. Because RingCentral embodies the same values, the addition of their industry-leading offerings to our portfolio is a perfect fit.

This partnership means that Stack8 can provide the best UC management, leading MVP capabilities and facile growth internationally with new deployments. Additionally, the agreement expands the potential of Stack8’s UCMP – A valuable business assistance tool that removes time-wasting and overspent resources by managing moves, adds, changes, and deletions.

The global knowledge-based workforce is rapidly evolving to a newly found hybrid modality. As such, organizations are gaining huge advantages from cloud-based platforms that enable communications and collaboration from anywhere.” Said RingCentral’s Vice President of Service Providers Americas, Sandra Krief. “We believe that bringing the benefits of RingCentral’s platform to customers around the world requires close partnerships with great companies that can help deliver the benefits of Unified Communications. We look forward to partnering with Stack8 as they work with multinational customers, and to helping Stack8 expand into new markets.

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