Skymount Drones Announces the Grand Opening Of Its Vancouver Drone Showroom

Skymount Drones, a leading Canadian provider of innovative drone, counter-drone, and electro-optic products and systems, announced the Grand Opening of its new Vancouver drone showroom.

With the global drone market exploding in terms of growth with projected revenue of $54.6 Billion by 2025, the opening of the new Drone store marks a strategic move for Tech Canada. Drones are stimulating industry innovation in many sectors, including construction, agriculture, and delivery of goods.

“While drones are having a disruptive effect on many industries, they are also a lot of fun and our new store has all the drones a hobbyist could ask for,” says Zubin Kothawala, CEO, Skymount Drones.

Skymount combines imaging solutions, long-range thermal and electro-optics, data collection, artificial intelligence (AI), and cloud computing to help first-responders, government, and industrial triage tackle difficult situations in hard-to-reach areas. These systems are powered by Skymount’s geospatial AI, SCIMON, that integrates electro-optics with cloud technology.

Some such wide-range applications of Skymount Drones that save lives and prevent property destruction include wildfire detection, aerial filming, videography, surveying, asset inspection, public safety, pipeline inspection and more.

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