Predictiv AI Inc., popular for providing artificial intelligence and industrial IoT services, has signed an agreement with Sigfox Canada for distributing Predictiv AI’s ThermalPass fever detection system. Both companies have agreed to get into a unified sales channel distribution platform, giving Sigfox the control to sell the technology in more than 70 countries. 

Sigfox Canada is a leader in providing IoT (Internet of Things) solutions and is entitled as the world’s first 0G network operator. The new agreement will enable Sigfox to integrate its solution into ThermalPass, enabling highly dependable data transfer through Predictiv AI’s ThermalPass at incredibly low costs. 

Aside from technology, the new deal will strengthen the position of Sigfox as it will become a non-exclusive sales distributor and promote ThermalPass to the rest of the operators. Sigfox’s inventory contains more than 16,000,000 registered devices and ThermalPass is the latest addition to the network. 

Kent Rawlings, President and CEO of Sigfox Canada said, “We are excited about the opportunity to partner with Predictiv AI and to have the Sigfox 0G Network connectivity built into ThermalPass,”. “The world is changing quickly and creating a safe environment where people gather will be critical to ensuring peace of mind for individuals. The ability to accurately capture an individual’s temperature and communicate that information in real time using the Sigfox Canada 0G Network will be a key step in the new era of safety. We look forward to distributing ThermalPass as another offering in our Smart Building solutions portfolio, and ensuring the other 70 countries, who are part of the Global 0G Network using Sigfox technology, are aware of this great solution and are able to distribute the ThermalPass as well” said Rawlings. Read the full post here. 


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