With hybrid workplaces already established and an en mass return to the workplace occurring in corporate culture, many businesses are looking for ways to improve employee safety while maintaining their professional work environments.

Workers are especially hesitant to return to a physical location, but with the advent of new hands-free technologies, the workplace has never been safer. This is where Zoom Room’s partnership with Alexa really shines. With a set-up that only takes a few moments, this AI completely eliminates the need for physical interaction. 

Vice President at Poly, Beau Wilder said

Our goal is to bring peace of mind as employees begin to return to the office, through integrative technologies designed to minimize contact with high-touch surface areas.

he continues,

We continue to see the need for highly-imaginative applications of AI, especially when it comes to voice-activated commands like Alexa for Business, and further enable employees to remain agile, with the ability to easily connect, so they can do their best work from anywhere.

Capable of catering to rooms of any size, Alexa can start Zoom Room meetings, reminding employees to keep their focus, book appointments and assist with a variety of tasks like starting an online meeting. Alexa also has a variety of additional functions like checking the weather, listening to podcasts, helping employees stay up-to-date with the news and many more. Alexa gives employees more flexibility and control that helps make the workplace environment more meaningful and productive.

Able to support Alexa Business, the Poly Studio X Series with TC8 touch interface, G7500 video conferencing system, and Trio C60 smart conference phone are available now in the United States. Poly is the only Zoom hardware provider and partner that delivers certified solutions across Zoom Rooms, Zoom Phone, and Zoom Personal Workspace.

Head of Zoom Rooms at Zoom, Jeff Smith said

Voice assisted technology is stepping in to address new ways of working,”

he continues,

Zoom Rooms Appliances like the Poly Studio X Series and G7500 that support Alexa for Business are changing the game for organizations who are planning to return to the office safely, while also catering to employees who want to stay connected and join meetings quickly from home.

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