Cyberattack On Thousands Of CRA Accounts

Canada Revenue Agency says 5,500 accounts have been affected by a pair of cyberattacks involving "credential stuffing." A cybersecurity expert explains how you can defend against it.

Look How IBM Is Helping Coca-Cola European Partners Modernize Its IT Environment

IBM and CCEP began their journey to the Cloud in 2018. Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) has signed a multiyear agreement with IBM to accelerate its transformation...

Get familiar With The Latest Intelligent Virtual Agent

Get familiar With The Latest Intelligent Virtual Agent …an Intelligent Virtual Agent Delivering Automated Self-Service Solutions for Teleservices, Dispatch, Survey, Notification & Response

The New EVP And COO At Calix

On August 05th 2020,  Calix, Inc. announced Michael Weening’s promotion to EVP and COO. Calix is the leading global provider of the cloud and software platforms, systems, and services...

Brands and Influencers In 2020?

It’s all about trusting a brand. Brand influencers who leverage social media authentically to connect audiences and brands may or may not be the perfect match...

Zero Trust and Security Leaps

The catch here is, “never trust, always verify.” Agree? Or not? Let’s take a look...  The latest hum in the world of Digital transformation is...
Business with China during COVID

The Great Wall Of Economic Distancing

How have businesses changed their modus operandi in this pandemic? ...

Why is Cloud the Future Of Cybersecurity?

The global crisis brought on by the COVID-19 economic lockdown has sent already the high cloud-based security stocks soaring. Fortinet's revenue grew at a 20% year-over-year clip in 2019, a rate that...

How Is Cloud Computing Different Than Traditional Computing?

“Whether you are a new startup or one of the world’s largest enterprise organizations, everybody now has access to the same resources. With the cloud, you no longer need to invest...