NightDragon leads a $45 million strategic growth financing round for SafeGuard Cyber

SafeGuard Cyber is a major SaaS-based network that is dedicated to overseeing the developmental cycle of Digital Risk Protection. It has recently reported that, with support from investor Allegis Cyber and Cisco investments, it has raised equity and debt of $45 million led by NightDragon.

The AI-powered network of SafeGuard Cyber enables companies to follow vital collaboration, social media, and mobile chat digital platforms while lowering cybersecurity risk and retaining compliance.

With today’s remote work environment, these technological areas have become critical. SafeGuard Cyber will be able to broaden its business and technological capabilities as result of the new funding, allowing it to meet global demand in this increasingly growing sector.

SafeGuard Cyber experienced exponential growth in 2020 as companies increasingly relied on digital platforms such as collaboration, social media, and mobile chat to keep their operations running smoothly throughout the pandemic. Integrations and collaborations
with networks such as Slack, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp, among others, include the opportunity to archive texts, speech, video, and chat for even the most controlled businesses and industries.

According to the vice president of strategy & operations, Cisco Security Business Group, Morgan Mann, security is considered to be a foundational element at Cisco. He also said that their investment in SafeGuard Cyber aligns with their innovation strategy and that the believe it to be in an excellent position to pioneer digital risk protection to ensure security to today’s expanding business cooperation demands.

Jim Zuffoletti, the SafeGuard Cyber CEO and co-founder, commented that The enterprise workplace’s demands are dynamically growing, and their frameworks reflect the prospect of cybersecurity, with risk protection expanding to business-critical digital platforms. He also mentioned that their new investment from NightDragon, Allegis Cyber, and Cisco Investments enables SafeGuard Cyber to rapidly scale and fulfill this huge market need by providing companies with a secure way to expand through the digital landscape.

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