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With 2020 coming to an end, prominent companies like NexJ return to the spotlight. With their Nudge-AI from late 2019, their future is something to be watched as the years turn to 2021. 

NexJ Systems is a Toronto-based fintech corporation that designs Intelligent Customer Management products to help boost efficiency and efficacy in the financial sector. Their assistant devices have powered the growth of Corporations, Private and Commercial Bankings across the globe with clients throughout North America, Asia Pacific and Europe.

NexJ’s latest release, the Nudge-AI is sure to be a game-changer in the financial technology scene. It ranks actions in order of highest value to advisors, generating a score for each one based on established guidelines and react to the best industry practices. It recognizes that clients have individual preferences and can prioritize recommendations to advisors. Advisors can also take best-suggested actions, allowing leverage over competitive assets and efficiently utilizing data using its advanced analytics.

Matthew Bogart, Vice President of Marketing at NexJ Systems said,

“NexJ Nudge-AI digital assistants are designed to meet the most pressing needs of the wealth management industry including increasing the amount of time an advisor can spend with clients, improving the quality of that time spent, and reducing the amount of back-office administrative tasks. Their key benefits reflect these needs, offering the recommendation of appropriate actions to help foster stronger relationships, the facilitation of better client engagement, and automation of administrative tasks.”

With its active learning algorithms NexJ slowly builds trust with its clients, providing “simple recommendations followed by more complex recommendations as the system gains access to more data and is trained on optimal outcomes.”

Read more about NexJ’s powerful new assistant Nudge-AI here.


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