China Telecom Americas (CTA) organized a free virtual event on August 13, 2020, on “Expanding your global portfolio with CTA” powered by Xeo Marketing and Strategic Consultancy. 

Steve Jacknow, the Deputy Director of Channel Business Development at China Telecom Americas, spoke about the reach and scope of CTA, its exclusive portfolio catering to international audiences and how they are building a secure backbone to work in an out of China market. He further added that one main area of building this backbone is the expertise and ability to build and deliver upon the services globally across various verticals. 

CTA’s product and service portfolio include – cloud infrastructure, colocation services, global internet, data centers, interconnection services, unified communications, Managed security solutions, Virtual Private Cloud and a bunch of other networks designed for the digital age. Awarded as the “Best Managed Company in Asia” for six consecutive years by EuroMoney Magazine, the company provides telecommunication services catering to various industries including retail, health care, financial, media, logistics and other sectors. 

Global Internet is one of it’s popular services. China Telecom operates ChinaNET, China’s largest public internet network by subscriber base. China Telecom is a registered, Chinese government authorized VPN and IPsec service provider. It offers Versa Networks, Silver-Peak, and Cisco-brand SD-WAN technologies with full MPLS/ Hybrid WAN integration support. CTA provides 12 cloud-based solutions that fully integrate with its premium global network capabilities.

Through interactive visuals and videos, proven case-studies and product information, the virtual event provided great value to the attendees and kept the audiences engaged with interesting poll questions.

Brandi Tolbert, Channel Business Manager at China Telecom Americas walked the audience through the present state of pandemic and how amidst the crisis, China Telecom Americas could pull projects successfully well within the timeframe designed. She also shared success stories with famous companies such as Dell, Cisco PBX, Cisco Mereki and how the company was able to quickly and confidently execute their go to market strategy in China and has been able to open new revenue streams. CTA designed an optimal network architecture to carry voice between China and global offices helping top companies to expedite their speed in the market and reduce operational complexities with their global telecommunications management services. 

An interesting case study presented was where CTA helped a customer in the Travel Lodging sector in Asia under a tight deadline of 45 days when they needed it before their peak season in June. The travel lodging company operates a global online marketing and hospitality service accessible via its websites and mobile apps. CTA was able to connect the new JAPAN IDC to the AWS cloud in China to help bring latency down and provide better production for the end-users.

China Telecom has unrivalled experience delivering comprehensive communications services based on cutting edge technology, exceptional customer service, and a visionary approach to global telecommunications management. The team at China Telecom Americas believes in working together. Due to their ability to maintain relationships and deliver value, the customer continues to bring additional China projects to collaborate on. 

Key questions to consider:

  • Is your business planning to expand to other geographic locations in the future?
  • Does your company have multiple locations between the US and China?
  • Do you need a Hybrid WAN solution for China that provides more security and reliability?
  • How do you connect remote employees?
  • What is your tolerance for downtime?

You can expand your global portfolio with China Telecom Americas as it has a strong relationship with consumers, partners, suppliers, manufacturers and distributors.  It can be your one-stop-shop for your international network solutions. CTA has multilingual staff, access to local China resources, dual NOC, USA/Canada  contract law and currency option.  CTA has a great knowledge base and experience about the rules and practices in China, it’s business licensing, and data privacy laws. China Telecom Americas is connecting the world and is happy to build and expand its network.

“China Telecom America’s channel team appreciates the opportunity to help Xeo’s partner community expand their global portfolio of customer accounts.  CTA’s channel program is purpose-built to help our partners succeed, deliver effectively for their customers, and build a recurring revenue stream.  With CTA’s global network, we have the tools and knowledge to be your China experts and build international solutions that solve customer connectivity and resource challenges.”

About China Telecom Americas:

China Telecom Americas is the largest subsidiary of China Telecom Corporation, one of the world’s leading providers of integrated communications and information technology services to enterprises in over 110 countries around the globe. With headquarters in Herndon, Virginia, and offices in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, San Jose, Toronto and São Paulo, China Telecom Americas is advancing transpacific enterprise connectivity through an end-to-end suite of custom-built IT/network solutions from next generation, software-defined network architectures, managed cloud and data center services, security, content delivery (CDN), unified communications, mobility solutions and more.

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