ISA Cybersecurity Launched New Cybersecurity Services Through Ingram Micro’s Cloud Marketplace

ISA Cybersecurity, Canada’s leading cybersecurity-focused company, launched new cybersecurity services through Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace. This is an extension of the Infinity Services partnership with Ingram Micro that was announced in 2019 and enables a new era of efficiency and convenience for resellers in securing ISA Cybersecurity’s extensive expertise for their SMB clients.

“I am very excited to deepen our already strong relationship with Ingram Micro. This partnership will make it even easier and more efficient for resellers to protect their clients with ISA Cybersecurity’s industry-leading services and solutions,”

said Kevin Dawson, President and CEO, ISA Cybersecurity.

The Cloud Marketplace enables resellers to access the world’s largest marketplace of category-leading cloud-based services, unparalleled channel support, and a virtually infinite cloud ecosystem. Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace allows resellers to purchase ISA Cybersecurity Infinity Services by SKU as easily as they can purchase software licenses by providing an innovative single procurement e-commerce portal. ISA Cybersecurity’s proven cloud security services protect clients’ digital assets with the support and experience of ISA Cybersecurity’s technical expertise and does not need major up-front investments or costly, hard-to-find personnel.

The ISA Cybersecurity Infinity Services include ISA Protect EDR- a hosted endpoint protection, detection and response service that provides a last line of defense, ISA Train- a hosted security awareness service that provides employees with the tools, knowledge, and experience when targeted and ISA Radar- a hosted vulnerability management service that enables your clients to identify vulnerable systems.

“We are extremely excited to welcome ISA Cybersecurity to Ingram Micro’s Canadian Cloud Marketplace,”

said Greg Onoprijenko, Director of Cloud, Ingram Micro Canada.

“Since joining Ingram Micro, ISA Cybersecurity has been an incredible security partner who provides exceptional support to our channel partners across Canada. We look forward to enhancing this relationship in the months and years ahead.”

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