Industry-First: Singular Launches Singular Private Cloud for Marketing Measurement

Press Release

Singular, a next-gen marketing attribution and analytics platform, has launched Singular Private Cloud for marketing measurement to give major mobile brands complete control over their growth stack, marketing measurement, and sensitive user data. Touted to be industry-first in the mobile measurement partner space, Singular Private Cloud provides a safe environment for brands to manage the collection, hosting, processing, and enriching of sensitive marketing data.

“Singular Private Cloud allows us to truly cater to a brand’s specific privacy needs and establish complete trust on how data is collected, stored, and shared. One company may want its user data to have a shorter lifespan, and another company may want all IPs and User IDs hashed. This allows us to do it all,” says Alon Nafta, Singular’s VP of Product.

Key benefits include :

  1. Advertisers and media partners can share and access datasets safely without relinquishing control and jurisdiction over them.
  2. Perform marketing analytics, cost aggregation, mobile attribution, and fraud prevention in a clean, managed, and private environment.

Singular strives to empower businesses to drive growth with unified marketing data, intelligent insights, and automation. Their range of solutions include Mobile Attribution, Marketing ETL, Cost Aggregation, Marketing Analytics, Ad Monetization, Fraud Prevention, Creative Analytics, and SKAdNetwork.


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