Sangoma Receives Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan

GFT, a universally recognized IT software and engineering provider, expands its global reach with its partnership with Digital Asset to include DAML smart contract support for R3’s Corda blockchain.

The new hybrid ‘DAML for Corda’ is an open-source smart contract language, and implements the business needs of Corda blockchain platform, in turn providing users a seamless distribution of multi-party applications spanned over various domains.

This new software is especially relevant to capital markets and the insurance sector, allowing users to easily write CordApps in DAML, making significant time and cost cuts. It also enables portability (with users being able to switch databases without having to re-code), trust, privacy and speed across the database. Not only is its performance better, but it also provides a strong foundation for better management of transactional workflows that provides improved operational competencies and risk moderation.

“GFT brings many years of unique experience in building Corda networks and DAML driven applications,” said Yuval Rooz, CEO & Co-founder at Digital Asset, “We are delighted to have expanded our longstanding and mutually supportive partnership to include DAML for Corda. We are confident that GFT’s world-class customer support and technical expertise will help enterprises use DAML to unlock the power of Corda, without getting locked in.” 

“Never before have firms been under as much pressure as they are today to deliver on their digital transformation objectives. We believe this extension of our partnership with Digital Asset adds another important dimension to our business and for our globally diverse client base”, said Marika Lulay, CEO at GFT, “Being an integral part of the DAML for Corda initiative is a perfect example of our unrelenting commitment to being at the forefront of delivering positive change for our shared clients. We look forward to doing great things together with Digital Asset in the future.”

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