Get familiar With The Latest Intelligent Virtual Agent

…an Intelligent Virtual Agent Delivering Automated Self-Service Solutions for Teleservices, Dispatch, Survey, Notification & Response

OnviSource recently announced their latest product, Liaa TeleServ Intelligent Virtual Agent, that delivers fully automated Tele-services applications and Telephone Answering Service (TAS).

  • Liaa Teleserv Intelligent Virtual Agent uses standard touch-tone or Conversational AI driven by AI technologies to offer customer-friendly interactions and a great experience. 
  • Liaa Teleserv Intelligent Virtual Agent uses process automation to automate the entire process of a live agent while providing teleservices.
  • automated custom greetings
  • conducting relevant interactions with callers
  • accurate recording of interactions in both audio and text using its Speech-to-Text Transcription
  • end-to-end multimedia message handling via standard or HIPAA-compliant messaging, 
  • and providing a full range of operational and billing reports.

“In this age of convenience and increased desire for self-service, not every business relying on answering services requires a live-agent interaction,” explained Francisca Alegria, Executive Vice President with OnviSource. 

“With Liaa TeleServ, businesses using or offering teleservices can embrace the new trend of automated virtual agents to deliver optional automated self-service with new competitive price models, and to increase revenues through a large volume of service, while eliminating additional payroll expenses.” Ms. Alegria went on to say, “For businesses struggling to keep quality agent positions filled, particularly during this current health crisis and unpredictable economic environment, Liaa TeleServ offers a reliable, prudent alternative to the costs and complexities associated with staffing, onboarding, training, managing and incentivizing live agents.”

Read the full article here. 


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