G12 Communications Announces the Addition of Microsoft Connect to Teams IP PBX Service

G12 Communications, a global leader of unified communications services, recently announced the addition of Microsoft Connect to Teams IP PBX Service. The new Connect to Teams IP PBX Service allows customers with existing phone systems to easily and cost-effectively integrate Microsoft Teams and enable PSTN calling. G12’s new Connect to Teams IP PBX service allows clients to keep their existing IP PBX system and desktop phones while completely incorporating Microsoft Teams to utilize Teams softphone and mobile devices. Customers will be provided with full support and guidance from the G12 team and can transition on a per-user basis at their own pace.

“In today’s remote work environment, we know companies are looking to transition to the cloud and utilize a fully integrated unified communications platform, and voice is a critical component,” 

said Rick Coma, CEO of G12 Communications.

“We also know that many companies are sitting on a significant investment in their IP PBX and desktop phones and want to utilize this investment as they make the transition to the cloud. We think this is the perfect solution for all customers with existing phone systems that are looking to make this move.”

G12 provides a solution for all customers that wish to transition to Microsoft Teams, whether they want to integrate with a Cloud PBX service, IP PBX system, need Direct Routing, or make a full transition to Microsoft Teams, G12’s Connect to Teams portfolio G12’s gives customers the flexibility needed to migrate to cloud-based voice services for Microsoft Teams.

G12’s Connect to Teams IP PBX Service is part of the company’s new Connect to Teams portfolio, which also includes Direct Routing and G12’s Cloud PBX Integration service. This helps speed up the transition to the Microsoft Teams environment while being cost effective and not disrupting the organization.

“We believe G12 has the most comprehensive portfolio of services that give customers a simple, low-cost, and easy transition to Microsoft Teams”,

said Rick Garcia, Chief Operating Officer of G12 Communications.

“No matter what your system looks like today, we can provide you with a feature-rich, cloud-based unified communications service platform that meets your budget requirements. Our services are a game-changer and will help you unlock the full collaboration potential of Microsoft Teams.”

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