L3O Consulting LTD has signed an agreement with Cherwell Software to support digital transformation services. With this new agreement, Chief Information Officers Project Management Offices and business leaders improve service management within their organizations by enabling automation, expanding employee self-service, and leveraging AI to improve sales. 

L3O was founded by Neil Sutch and Dan Broomham. Apart from this establishment, both entities were responsible for deploying one of the largest Cherwell implementations in the UK. They are providing a unique method for the users to embrace the new technology by bringing L3O in front. L3O Consulting separates itself by going past the standard to quicken business development and to work with its customers a long way past the underlying execution, through to activities and conveyance. 

Neil Sutch, Chief Operating Officer, L3O said “Cherwell is exactly the kind of company we are proud to partner with. Its ESM platform provides an enterprise-wide solution that will greatly enhance the digital transformation experience of our clients and their customers”. “Digital transformation needs to happen for organizations faster than ever. At the same time, IT is rapidly moving from being a business cost to a business enabler. L3O has the capability to drive that change, from strategy through to execution, by translating technology into business outcomes. L3O looks at the opportunity Cherwell brings to the marketplace with features such as workflow automation, the self-service virtual agent, and low-code development. We are excited to help our customers take full advantage of Cherwell’s service management innovation to drive forward their digital transformation initiatives ” said Sutch. 

Matthew Peeples, Vice President of channel partnerships, Cherwell replied over the comment by saying, “Our partnership with L3O will help our customers unlock services they never thought possible.” Read more. 


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