Consumption of AI and Machine Learning has increased significantly in the last few years. With more businesses embracing the wave, the benefits _especially post-pandemic_ clearly outplay the cost and effort of deployment. To meet the demand, the last decade has seen the entry and rise of several start-ups offering innovative solutions and platforms. Launched in 2012, Boston-based DataRobot, is one such brand that has swiftly grown to be a top leader offering machine learning platforms. It is backed by its commitment to continuously reinvent decision-making, enhancing ease and accuracy on the way.

After the September 2021 announcement of DataRobot AI Cloud Platform, today DataRobot announced the launch of DataRobot AI Cloud for Industries. DataRobot AI Cloud for Industries is an end-to-end platform uniquely designed for today’s challenges and opportunities facing key industries. In other words, it is optimized to suit the data, workflow, policies, and regulations specific to the industry. Perceived as a key trend by analysts, most large corporations such as Microsoft, Google and Amazon already offer solutions specific to industries. While industry cloud is not a brand-new phenomenon, what it has evolved to be today addresses the current reality and challenges. For instance, businesses that are reluctant to migrate to cloud from on-premises are now open to the possibility of it, thanks to the industry-specific solutions.

DataRobot has delivered more than one million active customer projects across leading organizations resulting in a vast library of best practices. DataRobot AI Cloud for Industries taps and extends this expertise to accelerate the impact of AI for banking, retail, manufacturing, and healthcare organizations. This solution will be further expanded to energy, life sciences, insurance, government, telecommunications, and media organizations by 2022.

What are the benefits of DataRobot AI Cloud for Industries?

According to DataRobot, DataRobot AI Cloud for Industries offers over 100 best practices for delivering AI with maximum business impact, dozens of solution accelerators, third-party integrations, and notebooks targeting industry use cases that accelerate the path from AI concept to production. It functions as an easy-to-use platform filling the gap between the data scientists and the end-users, built exclusively to meet the demands of decision making in the specific industry.

DataRobot also announced that it will expand its partner-delivered and partner-enabled offerings for these key industries with its growing ecosystem of strategic partners that include Snowflake, AWS, Palantir, Microsoft, BCG, FactSet, and InterSystems. These solutions are designed to integrate intelligent insights that provide customers with the critical capabilities they need to accelerate growth, operate at scale, and meet the specific challenges facing their industry. 

In the LinkedIn live that followed the announcement, the DataRobot team took the audience through how DataRobot AI Cloud for Industries will play-out in the 4 key industries through sharing engaging use cases. In Manufacturing, the focus  is on enhancing supply chain and inventory forecasting, preventative maintenance and quality assurance.  In Banking, DataRobot offers customizable solutions to optimize transaction acceptances and rejections when detecting credit card transaction fraud, enabling customers to identify bad actors proactively, while protecting consumers. In Healthcare, it helps optimizing patient care, prioritizing treatment for the most critical cases, and forecasting staffing and operational needs, while optimizing claims management and payer operations. The solution also aims at accelerating research in breakthroughs that treat and prevent diseases and illnesses at a global level. In Retail, it creates more personalized customer experiences, ensures more accurate supply chain and inventory forecasting while optimizing the costs of retail operations.

According to Ritu Jyoti, Group Vice President, Worldwide Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation Research, IDC, “DataRobot AI Cloud for Industries means that all industries now have an end-to-end platform to meet their industry-specific AI needs, from healthcare companies working to improve clinical outcomes to retailers innovating the shopping experience. This comprehensive set of offerings coupled with solution accelerators, decision intelligence frameworks, and training programs uniquely positions DataRobot as a solution for industries.”

About DataRobot

DataRobot AI Cloud is the next generation of AI. The unified platform is built for all data types, all users, and all environments to deliver critical business insights for every organization. DataRobot is trusted by global customers across industries and verticals, including a third of the Fortune 50.


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