Daily Digest: January 27, 2022

Press Releases


DataRobot Launches MoreIntelligent.ai to Share Untold Stories on the Future of AI

Boston, Massachusetts, USA. 26 Jan 2022 AI Cloud leader DataRobot today announced the launch of MoreIntelligent.ai, an expansion of the More Intelligent […read more]

AI-powered Sorting Robot DoraSorter Launched to Help FedEx Drive Smart Logistics

Shenzhen, China. 27 Jan 2022 Dorabot, a leading robotics solution provider for logistics, announced the launch of DoraSorter – an AI-powered intelligent sorting robot […read more]

Predictive Oncology set to market AI drug discovery platform

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. 27 Jan 2022 Predictive Oncology Inc. (NASDAQ: POAI) is set to be a first mover in the artificial intelligence (AI) powered […read more]

Torch.AI acquires leading maritime surveillance company B23; Former Navy Seal Joins Executive Team

Leadwood, Kansas, USA. 27 Jan 2022 Torch.AI, the leader in artificial intelligence (AI) powered ultra-high speed data processing—making data easier to use for humans and

Magic Data Launches Conversational AI Datasets for Machine Learning

Beijing, China. 27 Jan 2022 Magic Data, a global AI data service provider, has launched an accumulation of more than 200,000 hours of training datasets, including […read more]

Cone Health partners with Rad AI for Rad AI Continuity, an AI-driven care coordination platform …

Berkley, California, USA. 27 Jan 2022 Rad AI, the nation’s fastest-growing radiologist-led AI company, today announced that it has finalized a partnership with Cone Health […read more]

Albertsons Companies Selects Afresh Technologies AI Platform

San Francisco, California, USA. 27 Jan 2022  Albertsons Companies (NYSE: ACI) will enhance its fresh offering with Afresh Technologies’ AI-powered predictive ordering and inventory […read more]


Cybersecurity Provider guardDog.ai Joins CEDIA Propel, Offering Exclusive Discounts on Products and Services for CEDIA Members

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. 27 Jan 2022 Guard Dog Solutions, Inc., dbaguardDog.ai, a growing leader in cybersecurity solutions for consumers and businesses, today announced it is joining CEDIA Propel, a program that […read more]

Blockchain Cybersecurity Firm Halborn Acquires Web3 Automation Startup

New York, USA. 27 Jan 2022 Halborn, an elite blockchain cybersecurity firm advising clients such as Terra, Avalanche and THORChain […read more]

Everything Blockchain Expands Operations in Cybersecurity

Jacksonville, Florida, USA. 26 Jan 2022 Everything Blockchain, Inc., (OTCMKTS: OBTX), an advanced platform architect, development and  […read more]

Darktrace Extends Autonomous Response to Enforce Normal Behavior on Endpoints

Cambridge, England. 27 Jan 2022 Darktrace, a global leader in cyber security AI, today announced that its Autonomous Response technology now takes action […read more]


Optiva Grows Partnership with Google Cloud to Increase Telecom Customer Success

Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 26  Jan 2022 Optiva, a leading provider of mission-critical, cloud-native monetization and revenue management software, today announced  […read more]

Newly Unveiled Service Provider Tahoe Network Infrastructure Empowers Connectivity for Rural and Underserved Regions

Phoenix, Arizona, USA. 27 Jan 2022 Introducing Tahoe Network Infrastructure: a consumer-minded network service provider partnering with rural and underserved […read more]



Catherine Régis to co-chair the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence Working Group on Responsible AI

Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 27 Jan 2022[…read more]

Digital and AI Industry Expert Nicolas Darveau-Garneau joins Coveo as Chief Growth and Strategy Officer

Montreal, Quebec, Canada & San Francisco, California, USA. 26 Jan 2022 […read more]

Symphony Technology Group Announces Gee Rittenhouse Appointment to Chief Executive Officer of McAfee Enterprise

San Jose, California, USA. 27 Jan 2022 […read more]

Lightwave Logic Appoints Respected Industry Veteran Dr. John Zyskind as Vice President of Engineering

Englewood, Colorado, USA. 27 Jan 2022. […read more]

Alphawave Welcomes Tony Chan Carusone as Chief Technology Officer

London, UK & Toronto, Canada. 27 Jan 2022 […read more]

Academic and Funding

BDC Announces Strategic Partnership with Mila Providing Entrepreneurs Access to World-Class AI Resources

Stoicheia, Inc. Trains AI to Predict Unknown Complex Novel Materials

TD builds on commitment to advance AI with early renewal of Vector Institute sponsorship

GBT is Evaluating an Implementation of Advanced NLP Algorithm, To Provide Powerful …

AI-Powered Digital Skills Assessment Start-up iMocha Raises $14 Million in Series A Funding

anch.AI, former AI Sustainability Center, Secures $2.1M in Seed Funding to Launch Ethical AI Governance Platform 


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