Studies suggest that third party security providers are spending 70-80 per cent of their R&D budgets on public clouds, which would indicate superior cloud security technologies to traditional on-premises systems.

Here are some trends that we see coming up in the upcoming years:

1. Shift and focus to inter-cloud security: The multi-cloud world that is used so extensively today, relates to technology that exists between the cloud. Using native security systems for each public cloud is too tedious and causes risk with exposure to breaches.

2. The Automation of Everything: Existing processes are automated by some security systems today, but this is forecasted to be further automated in the next few years. Attacks will be lessened and stopped with the use of intercloud and intracloud orchestration of many resources, and not to mention extensive machine learning and a very robust interactions with threats to prevent them. This will help transition cloud security from dormant to active and reduce the chance of an attach significantly or even completely stop it – with systems being able to detect when an attack is imminent and automatically challenge the source and stop it from happening.

3. Fewer humans: When we were talking about the automation of everything – Yes, we meant humans too. Humans are the weakest link in a security chain and research suggests that through 2025, nearly 99% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault. 

With the bottom line of cloud security of the future being – If we can spend more R&D on this very essential service, we’ll reach our goal of a safer cloud system even before 2025. 

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