China Telecom Joins MANRS

China Telecom Americas, the largest subsidiary of China Telecom, a global leading provider of integrated communications and information technology services has been accepted as a participant by MANRS (The Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security) in its network operator program thanks to three of China Telecom’s networks having met its “community-led routing security standards”.

Joseph Lorenzo Hall, Senior Vice President at Strong Internet Internet Society said,

“Through its efforts to join the MANRS initiative, China Telecom sets a positive example for other large operators who may be considering better routing security measures. MANRS worked closely with China Telecom engineers for over a year to implement the MANRS actions. The assessment of China Telecom’s networks has been thorough and deliberate, and we were impressed by their commitment to routing security and effectiveness in implementation.”

The MANRS initiative was constructed in 2014 by a group of global network operators. Now adopted by a growing body of participants, cloud providers, content delivery networks, and Internet exchange points are provided with a way forward reducing common routing threats. In joining MANRS, China Telecom enters the community of “security-minded” organizations dedicated to creating a safe and robust international routing infrastructure. 

Xu Tan, President of China Telecom (Americas) proudly shared his thoughts,

“It is a tremendous honour to be accepted into the MANRS community. Even though internally it is always clear to us that we are committed to providing the most secure and reliable networks for our customers, joining MANRS is an unequivocal demonstration to the outside world of that commitment. I am particularly proud of the role CTA played in the process. Our presence and outreach in the U.S. created the conduit that connects the rest of the China Telecom to many of these international best practices.”

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