The brilliant minds of the University of Minnesota working alongside the equally brilliant Epic have developed an AI algorithm that can identify COVID-19 through the use of X-Rays. UMinnesota formulated the algorithm and Epic was responsible for the foundation for the algorithm to be applied. This new advancement is available free of cost for providers through the Epic’s App Orchard and is currently being used at M Health Fairview hospitals in Minnesota.

The futuristic AI tool takes into consideration the shortcomings of previously used AI by the US to help manage the pandemic, that lacked high-quality data. This tool now uses AI-enabled diagnostic imaging that is trained to work in a hospital setting before it was launched and uses conclusive X-Ray scans of positive and negative cases from earlier this year. Although these tools have worked in the diagnosis of the disease in the past, it is not an end-all-be-all tool as misdiagnosis with the presence of false negatives and positives exist; but it reduces the margin of error significantly and aids in faster diagnosis.

Cerner and Epic, earlier this year, reached out to XHealth to enable the prescription of digital therapeutics (DTx), and Electronic Health Record (EHR) retailers have been encouraging virtual care add-ons to their platforms. A rise in AI and DTx firms are forecasted, in order to stay competitive, with EHR companies adding AI and DTx tools to their product offerings to help streamline care for the patient and the provider.

The Epic-UMinnesota project is a glimmer of hope in these times of uncertainty, and we’re grateful.

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