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An Interesting Report On IoT Ecosystem Of Operators In Latin America

By offering connectivity solutions alone, it is difficult for the telecom operators to survive. It has to go beyond.  A well designed strategy and effective execution by telecom operators is the...

Industry Forecasts In The Telecom Market 2020

By 2020, China aims to increase the 5G base stations to one million. There is an uptrend in the fast-developing data center market due to the transition from infrastructure and service...

Is This Deal Really About Devices Or Data? Google

A decision is due to be made by EU regulators on July 20th whether to launch a full probe into Google’s acquisition of Fitbit data. The web giant, Google,...
mobile news

The Nokia Partnership

Recently Nokia announced its partnership with Asavie to use its SD Edge mobility solution to extend the reach of the Nuage Networks SD-WAN 2.0 solution to include enterprise mobile and IoT...
5G news

The Future Of IoT

Imagine a future where fleets of autonomous cars could travel bumper-to-bumper without fear of accidents! As 5G networks continue to be built out and compatible IoT devices become more available, the vast...
mobile internet

What Is The Cost Of A Network Downtime In Your Company?

MobileNOC platform is bringing the speed of automation and connectivity to companies in logistics, banking, and pharmaceuticals benefiting all industries at a large scale. "The beauty of the MobileNoc platform is that...
Bluetooth news

Look For The World’s Smallest Bluetooth Module

On July 14th, LG Innotek announced its development of the world's smallest Bluetooth module. As IoT devices become smaller and higher, the market has dear expectations for the size and performance...

1NCE Simplifies IoT Device Management for Customers on Amazon Web Services

Collaboration with AWS offers comprehensive plug and play IoT device integration 1NCE IoT Connectivity Suite at no additional costs for 1NCE customers Fast and secure device integration and authentication via SIM card Data Broker...
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