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Why is Cloud the Future Of Cybersecurity?

The global crisis brought on by the COVID-19 economic lockdown has sent already the high cloud-based security stocks soaring. Fortinet's revenue grew at a 20% year-over-year clip in 2019, a rate that...

How Is Cloud Computing Different Than Traditional Computing?

“Whether you are a new startup or one of the world’s largest enterprise organizations, everybody now has access to the same resources. With the cloud, you no longer need to invest...
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Latest Announcement In Global Cloud Printing Service

“In these unprecedented times with the COVID-19 pandemic, freeing up IT resources to allow customers to focus on their core responsibilities is more important than ever,” said Kevin Kern, Senior Vice...

Google Cloud’s New Security Feature And Its Aggressive Plans For 2021

According to technology industry body Nasscom, the adoption of big data, analytics, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things is expected to push the cloud market in India to $7.1 billion by...

What Is The Versature-Microsoft Team Integration Bringing In?

Pandemic has boosted the work-from-home environment. Technology vendors and service providers across the telecom world are pivoting to append their portfolios and add services that enable their customers to...

Global Market For Enterprise Cloud Computing Estimated At …

How important is timely market research for you? EmergingCloudTech brings to you a recent report by Report Linker  on "Global Enterprise Mobile Cloud Computing Industry"...
Google multi-cloud

How Google Is Expanding Its Definition Of Multi-Cloud?

Google has put out a new twist in multi-cloud computing. The idea of turning multi-cloud computing into an extended version of a single cloud platform seems to offer a number of...

YellowDog’s Groundbreaking Index Cuts Through The Costs Of Cloud Computing

One of the leading management software platforms for the hybrid and multi-cloud workloads, Yellow Dog, brings to its readers a resourceful index that analyzes and presents cost and performance analysis of...

Cybersecurity In 1 Minute

Whats happening in the Technology World? Catch this weekly essence of Cybersecurity news in only 1 minute. See now.
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