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Artificial Intelligence is making your machines think.
It uses machine learning to mimic human intelligence.
Minds are creating minds, computers are creating computers, mindedness is what technology wants. It is about amplifying the most powerful phenomenon, intelligence.
Why is Google’s machine learning ruling the web?
Is Alexa really the best smart speaker of 2020?
EmergingCloudTech filters and brings the latest hype in Artificial Intelligence and makes AI easy for you.

Infogain acquires its third AI and analytics company in a span of 14 months

On the 24th of Dec, Infogain a software engineering and digital platform provider led by CEO Sunil Bhatia, acquired their third AI and analytics company, Absolutdata, all in a...

Cloud Security of the Future: Trends

Studies suggest that third party security providers are spending 70-80 per cent of their R&D budgets on public clouds, which would indicate superior cloud security technologies to traditional on-premises...

Top Trends Driving Network Transformation to Watch Out For

With the pandemic forcing businesses to change their business model and adapt, companies worldwide are transforming the way goods and services are being delivered. The ability to be agile...

Chest X-Ray AI-powered tool that identifies COVID-19 created by Epic and UMinnesota

The brilliant minds of the University of Minnesota working alongside the equally brilliant Epic have developed an AI algorithm that can identify COVID-19 through the use of X-Rays. UMinnesota...

Microsoft And Shell Announce New Partnership

Overcoming carbon emission has become a huge challenge these days and organizations like Microsoft and Shell are trying to cater to these issues. Both giants have announced a collaboration...

New AI Dashboard announced by Accern to assist upcoming 2020 U.S. Presidential Election

Accern, the giant with a background in big data, data science, artificial intelligence, and financial services has announced its new Presidential Election dashboard capable of tracking and analyzing viewpoints...

Predictiv AI Inc. Signs Agreement With Sigfox Canada

Predictiv AI Inc., popular for providing artificial intelligence and industrial IoT services, has signed an agreement with Sigfox Canada for distributing Predictiv AI's ThermalPass fever detection system. Both companies...

Digital Transformation Initiative By Cherwell Software and L3O Consulting

L3O Consulting LTD has signed an agreement with Cherwell Software to support digital transformation services. With this new agreement, Chief Information Officers Project Management Offices and business leaders improve...

Is Delivery Drone Getting Your Coffee Today?

Amazon.com Inc. said that it received federal approval to establish a fleet of drones and will begin limited tests of package deliveries to customers in the U.S., although a...

See How A.I Is Helping Canadian Farmers Target Pests

On August 20,2020, Protein Industries Canada announced the development of a new technology that specifically targets pests when spraying fields to increase efficiencies and provide economic benefits for farmers.
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