Bookgel Launches AI-Assisted Pricing & Closing App for Accountants

Press Release

Bookgel is a cloud-based pricing tool for accountants that is developed with AI-driven technology. It is designed to eliminate pay disparity among accountants by enabling them with an app that can guide them through the sales / negotiation process. With a few clicks on the app, the client can now see what to expect, the projected savings, and the final fee. The client gets sent a eProposal that, upon signing which, the client is directed to their bank account.

“Too many accountants are giving away their services and selling from the hip and this has got to stop. There should not be any guesswork in this crucial phase of the practice,” said Marc Howard, co-founder of Bookgel.

“Our sister companies BizPayO and Build Your Firm produce a treasure trove of industry data related to fees that accountants charge based on service level and geography. This big data is gold. We can clearly see a disparity in the way firms charge. Some firms charge $200 per month while others charge $800 per month for a client with the same needs in the same location,” said Allan Ratafia, co-founder of Bookgel.


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