As a part of Apple’s third launch this fall, new Mac computers were announced this Tuesday and come embedded with Apple’s own chip, the M1.

Apple has recently introduced three new Macs that contain a chip completely homemade by Apple – The M1 Chip. Apple claims it has higher performance than its previously used chips and will help the new Mac computers retain an even longer battery life. The new Macs include: A MacBook Air laptop, a fresh 13-inch MacBook Pro laptop, and another Mac Mini desktop computer (not a bad idea for the uncertain times ahead, we’re all for #WFH).

While Apple sticks to its typical sleek design for its new launches, the price has fluctuated for some. Here are the new prices:

  • The MacBook Air starts at $999
  • The MacBook Pro starts at $1,299
  • The Mac Mini starts at $699

Now that Apple has decided to use their own chips as compared to previously used Intel ones since 2005, it means a big shift as they will not be using the chips based on technology as the chips in iPhones and iPads – with Apple now being able to run apps originally developed for the iPhone. Apple also plans to use “Apple Silicon” in its computers that run on the macOS operating system.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook also mentioned there are “more amazing experiences” to come the following year, and apple’s launch event ended with a bang with comedian John Hodgman.

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