Sniffing the bait and racing ahead of the pack while paving way for the flock to follow, worm or not, the early bird does fly high. Companies that think ahead of the game and continuously reinvent themselves are those that lead the world through cutting edge innovation and a leap of progress. Amdocs’ journey over the last 3 decades is a testimony to this analogy.

Amdocs is a leading CRM billing, customer services, and order management software for the telecommunications industry. Widely regarded as a global pioneer in specialty CRM amongst other things, it had a modest beginning in Israel in the 1980s where it went on to create the first computer-based directory assistance system. Since then, evolving in tune with the telecom industry, Amdocs has innovated products and services in tandem with the demands of the client community, growing a little every time the industry did thereby building a niche spot for themselves at the top. In the last 20 years they made over 20 acquisitions expanding their footprint with every addition while also modernizing their expertise. Today, they specialize in software and services for communications, media and financial services providers and digital enterprises. For a company that is 30+ years old, their list of products and services sing no old tunes. Being aware of the impact of cloud, 5G and digitalization on its client community; Amdocs has imbibed this change not only in its service offerings but also the very ethos of the company aligning its growth strategy to its clients’ fast evolving aspirations.

Top key highlights from their annual report released in December 2021, (

  1. Amdocs engaged with more than 25 new 5G operations and monetization projects across 15 countries.
  2. They increased their R&D investment expanding their lead in 5G Value Plan building on their 2020 acquisition of Openet, a Digital BSS company that provides charging, policy and data management solutions. The 5G Value Plane acts as a centralized ‘5G brain’ across the business, IT and network, and includes enriched data for monetization of the expanded 5G ecosystem.
  3. Their latest 5G-native customer experience suite based on advanced 5G and IoT service design, delivery and monetization capabilities, and embedded AI/machine learning-based use cases, enables innovative digital experiences and new business models such as B2B2x, network. In November Amdocs partnered with True Corporation to implement the same.
  4. Amdocs joined the 5G Open Innovation Lab’s founding partners T-Mobile, Intel, NASA and the others to pool expertise, technology and resources to develop, test and bring to market innovative 5G use cases that realize the full monetization potential of 5G networks and create a more connected world.
  5. In November 2021, Globe Telecom partnered with the Amdocs Catalog and Commerce Suite to provide an enhanced digital experience for its mobile and fixed-line customers.
  6. In October 2021, Amdocs Launched As-A-Service Business Suite powered by AWS to create digital experiences for Telecom digital brand customers
  7. In June 2021, Amdocs launched Experience360, a  low-/no-code experience technology foundation, enabling development of applications with minimal dependency on developers.

Amdocs, in its end-of-the-year press release, shared that as recognition for the relentless contribution, Amdocs has been named a leader in multiple domains by global analyst firms and reputed awards programs spanning the industry’s vendor landscape.

Click here to view the complete list of feats.

  • Recognized for sustaining and growing market-share leadership in monetization and revenue management
  • Recognized as a global leader in digital transformation, customer experience, telco/ IT services and quality engineering
  • Recognized as a pioneer in Cloud and 5G Innovation
  • Recognized for its continued leadership in service and network automation


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