Leader in Software Intelligence, CAST has announced its latest technological advancement, CAST Highlight. The software intelligence product will help businesses increase versatility with critical application deployment using its rapid application analysis technology. Highlight is specifically acclaimed for its multi-cloud platform support.

Hightlight’s multi-cloud readiness can ensure future cloud portability using insights that can identify code patterns within applications that should be removed when considering multiple cloud platforms. 

With an understanding of the cloud necessitates the migration of applications to the cloud leads to the adaptation of cloud native services. Native services from major cloud providers fall short in comparison to CAST Highlight’s easier selection processes, and based on the technical characteristics of the application, its ability to recommend the best suited services.

June marks the four years since CAST released the Cloud Readiness Index within Highlight – “the first product on the market enabling organizations to automatically analyze their application source code and identify specific code blockers that prevent or hinder an application from being migrated to Cloud PaaS”. Now, more than 200 organizations use Highlight to accelerate their migration to the cloud. 

Research Director at IDC, Dr. Scott Ottaway said,

Today’s leaders are focused on migrating line-of-business applications to public cloud providers to lower operational expenses, more easily enable application refactoring or speed adoption of new services such as real-time business analytics and artificial intelligence. Whether they are in a ‘lift and shift’ mode or refactoring applications, enterprises can migrate applications more quickly to any cloud provider by utilizing CAST Highlight’s profiling and recommendation capabilities.

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